Raising Raiders - Mission: Welcome Home

Proud to Partner with Raising Raiders

Raising Raiders and Mission: Welcome Home.

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We are so honored to connect with Raising Raiders, an incredible organization dedicated to MARSOC/Marine Raiders and their families. RR was there for the MARSOC community when we lost a wonderful group of men – in a tragic accident this year (the men are now known lovingly as the Raider 7) – and they will continue to be there for the families of all Raiders!

“Raising Raiders lightens the load by providing financial assistance to current and prior Marine Special Operations Command (MARSOC) families. We support, empower, and encourage the personal and professional advancement of MARSOC spouses and children. Raising Raiders is a volunteer based 501 (c) 3 organization that remains  ‘Always Beside You’ while providing support to each other with valuable aid of the community.”
Raising Raiders - Mission: Welcome Home